Zona Rosa, Ciudad de México


La Zona Rosa is close to the so-called Corredor Reforma.
The cosmopolitan life of Mexico City is seen all the time in the streets of the Zona Rosa.
Here lots of boutiques, restaurants, bars, art galleries and business centers are concentrated. Bookstores, cafes, sex shops.
The nightlife in La Zona Rosa, make it a must tourist spot.

La Zona Rosa is named after various buildings located here, painted that color, although there are different versions of the origin of the name.

Architecturally speaking, there is no prevailing style, although you can see some art nouveau buildings.

In the early 90’s, this area of Mexico City, became a zone of tolerance towards the gay community, although unlike other countries, this area is not gay only, but there are people around type to enjoy the variety of options offered by this unique place in Mexico City.